Streaming music service MOG falls victim to the danger of choice; reportedly looking to sell

Streaming music service MOG falls victim to the danger of choice; reportedly looking to sell

The choices for online streaming music have gotten pretty aggressive over the past few months. With Spotify’s push into the US, it has all but eclipsed every other name in the news, yet there are still many options from which a music lover can choose. That, it seems, is precisely the problem for Calfornia-based MOG if CNET’s story is correct.

The company is said to be courting buyers, seeking an exit. A PR representative for the company wouldn’t confirm any rumors, but in her choice of wording seems to have done exactly that:

“We’re constantly speaking with companies and looking for the best opportunity for our business and our shareholders. “We don’t comment on the specifics of those conversations.”

MOG’s hardly a new player in the game, having been founded in 2005. But after 7 rounds of funding totaling nearly $25 million, the company hasn’t seen the adoption that it appears other services have enjoyed.

Though MOG claimed that it had tripled its user base after integration with Facebook, it has been rightly pointed out that tripling a small number still leaves a small number. MOG’s monthly active user count through Facebook as of November of last year sat at 170,000. Compare that to Spotify, which boasts 7.4 million MAUs and it’s easy to see why MOG is struggling, even after tripling its users.

Though the future isn’t set in stone, things aren’t looking too healthy for MOG. Perhaps the company will be able to twist its licensing deals into a sustainable business model, but barring that the future looks short.

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