Spotify takes aim at DJs, adds gapless playback and crossfade features

Spotify takes aim at DJs, adds gapless playback and crossfade features

European music streaming service has delivered an update to its platform that will allow users to take advantage of new gapless playback and crossfade features, ensuring that users can listen to tracks without silence between them.

The update will be a welcome boost to fans of electronic and classical music (and, of course, DJs), where some album tracks are typically mixed or blend into another. With gapless playback, the works will be broadcast the way they are meant to be heard — eliminating that annoying two-second gap.

Spotify believes the feature is important enough to enable it by default. If it annoys you, you can turn it off in your Spotify Preferences.

Positioning itself as a DJ’s useful assistant, Spotify has also added crossfade, providing controls to fade out one song and bring another in. Partygoers can set up a playlist and use this little feature to make it easier to transition between songs.

Spotify has also introduced faster artist browsing, a new save and restore for ‘Now Playing’, improved its Subscribe, Buddy List and Favourites options and made it easier to drag and drop on Windows machines.

To make use of all the new features, you should be prompted to update from within the app. If not, you can download the preview version using the links below.

➤ Spotify – Mac | Windows.

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