Spotify launches a Community site. Is it pulling away from GetSatisfaction?

Spotify launches a Community site. Is it pulling away from GetSatisfaction?

As Spotify aims to solidify its position within the hearts of music lovers, the company has just introduced The Spotify Community. It’s a section of forums on the Spotify site that focuses on everything from help topics to music discussion. It’s an interesting play from the company, which falls in line with what it’s doing with some of the Spotify + Apps options, as well.

In a quickie blog post, the company explains that it’s truly aiming for a community-driven site:

“You can use our Community portal to ask for support, help other users like you, provide us with feedback, share new ideas, playlists and musical opinions. This forum is yours!”

What’s interesting, as a commenter brings up on the blog post, is that many of the Help Forums topics are the same ones that are presently listed on Spotify’s GetSatisfaction page. The unfortunate part here is that The Spotify Community lacks some of the sorting options that GetSatisfaction has, so people won’t be able to actively see discussions that are categorized as Common Problems or Under Consideration.

Your Spotify login, or Facebook login, can be used to access the site. Once you’re signed in, you use Community just like you would any other Internet forum. It will be interesting to see how the company handles the influx of spammers and trolls that are so common on forums, though the account-tied login should help matters somewhat.

The move is potentially huge for Spotify. Offering a way for people to really get involved with discussing the music that they love, it’s a nearly sure-fire way to increase engagement, spread messages and keep close with its users. Ultimately, however, it comes down to people logging in and seeing Spotify as something more than just a window in the background.

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