Graphicly now lets you upload once, distribute everywhere in the $23 bn publishing market

Graphicly now lets you upload once, distribute everywhere in the $23 bn publishing market

While self-publishing has arguably gotten easier in the world of Kindle and iBooks, there’s been a notable gap left in the market when it comes to image-based content. Who better to step up and fill the need than Graphicly, a company that has focused its entire business around the graphics-heavy world of comic books?

Until today, if you wanted to use the Graphicly platform, you were slightly limited as to where you could market your content. But CEO Micah Baldwin understands that Graphicly customers want (and deserve) more than that:

“We believe our customers books should be available in every marketplace imaginable, with the knowledge and support to properly market and promote them. This is a big deal, not only for Graphicly, but for a whole set of authors that have been unable to really gain a foothold in the exploding ebook market because no one has developed a product that supports and optimizes images.”

So with that in mind, Graphicly is launching extensions to its platform that will allow creators of image-based content to keep ownership of their brand, get combined analytics and (most importantly) publish to every major ebook service.

Of course the incredible features of Graphicly will carry over to the new publishing venues, as well. An embeddable reader, custom analytics and now the ability to publish to Kindle, Nook, iBooks, HTML5 and more put Graphicly firmly at the top of the game when it comes to image-driven content.

Stats from around the Internet show that publishing is a $23 billion market, and Graphicly says that there are over 300,000 self-pubilshed authors that are expecting to make a graphics-driven work this year alone. To be the only voice at the top of a mountain is an envied position, and Graphicly managed to do just that with one fell swoop.

We’ll be keeping our eyes out for the image-driven content in the next few months. For current Graphicly customers, the new system is available today.  If you’re new to Graphicly, you can expect to see the additional features become available over the next few weeks.


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