The Daily Mail looks for more Web traffic with an India-focused MailOnline

The Daily Mail looks for more Web traffic with an India-focused MailOnline

What do you do if you’re already one of the world’s highest-trafficed English-language news websites and you’re seeking to bring even more readers on board? Look to India, of course.

With around 80m unique visitors, the Daily Mail’s MailOnline is one of the most read news websites in the world, and even though it’s a UK newspaper, it sits just behind the New York Times as the second most popular news site in terms of traffic in the world.

Now though, MailOnline has introduced a version specifically for India, as it looks to ramp up its push for global traffic.

India has a population of well over a billion, with around 100m citizens online – that’s the equivalent of the whole of the UK and Canada. Furthermore, English is one of India’s official languages which makes it an easy entry to market for MailOnline.

Whilst the main central pane is India-focused, there is the usual smattering of UK/US celebrity-based stories linked down the right and along the top.

The Daily Mail is owned by media conglomerate Daily Mail & General Trust, which launched a printed newspaper title, Mail Today, in India back in November 2007, a 48-page compact publication printed in Delhi

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