Spotify is down again, less than a month after last outage [Updated]

Spotify is down again, less than a month after last outage [Updated]

Music streaming service Spotify appears to be down at the moment with a number of users reporting issues logging into the service.

Updated below.

We say appears as Spotify’s official service status account on Twitter — @spotifystatus— which is usually a reliable gauge of any issues on the service, is yet to confirm the issue or any problems with the service.

The issue looks to be a serious one as even is failing to load, as the screenshot below shows:

Spotify suffered a two hour outage less than a month ago, and the company will hoping that this new set of problems is fixed swiftly with minimal delay to its users.

Spotify recently confirmed that it has 2.5 million paying customers, while countless others use the service which was recently found to be more popular than IM, blogs and games in its native Sweden.

Update: it appears that the service has resumed as usual within the last ten minutes, however there is still no reference to an outage from the company.

In the meantime, irate Spotify members — including paying customers — have taken to Twitterto voice their discontent, as is standard when any service is down:

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