Netflix is down, users unable to log in for several hours

Netflix is down, users unable to log in for several hours

Netflix users who were planning to spend a Sunday evening watching a movie have had to make other plans today, as the service has been down for the past two hours, as it has itself acknowledged on its Twitter feed.

According to a Business Insider report, Netflix users found themselves logged out of the service this evening and have since been unable to log back in. Here’s Netflix’s official take on the matter:

For those of you having trouble signing into the website, we’re hard at work on that as well.

The website is still up, and we expect the service to get back on track pretty soon. With Netflix out of commission, you may want to consider streaming a few songs from Spotify instead, now that it is back up after suffering from downtime as well.

Netflix has had a pretty lacklustre past few months, with the company’s announcement of a 60% hike in prices of DVD rentals leading to mass outrage among its users and millions of subscription cancellations in September this year. The company also received a blow when Starz announced that it would not be renewing its contract with Netflix, which significantly cut down the size of the service’s streaming library.

Just when we thought it could not get any worse, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced in an apologetic blog post that Netflix had decided to spin off its DVD rental business into a separate company named Qwikster. It then quickly backtracked on that decision after facing another round of devastatingly critical customer feedback.

Netflix has since regained some of its lost goodwill by confirming that it will officially come to Ireland and the UK early next year and adding all of CW’s shows to its streaming library. Perhaps the best move it pulled was to announce that it would be bringing back Arrested Development, the much-loved TV show that was cancelled by FOX after just three seasons.

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