Spotify Opens for Business in Belgium and Switzerland

Spotify Opens for Business in Belgium and Switzerland

Just a day after it welcomed music fans in Austria, Spotify has expanded its service to launch in two other European countries: Belgium and Switzerland.

The launch of the music streaming service in the two countries was rumoured on Monday, with reports suggesting the company would launch in Austria, Switzerland and Belgium during the course of the week. The company confirmed it was “working hard” to launch the service in the three countries “as soon as possible”, following up with two public launches in two days.

As with all of the other European countries in which it operates, Spotify offers its Spotify Free, Unimited and Premium plans. The latter two will cost users €4.99 (6.45CHF) and €9.99 (12.95CHF) per month respectively.

The company has also utilised Facebook’s new Social Graph to better share the music its users like and listen to via the world’s largest social network. It was forced to adapt its service slightly to allow users to opt out of sharing the music they listened to, adding its new “Private Listening Mode” to stop updates being synced to Facebook accounts by default.

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