Federated Media lands WordPress.com’s 25 million blogs in advertising deal

Federated Media lands WordPress.com’s 25 million blogs in advertising deal

Hot on the heels of an acquisition of Boulder-based Lijit Networks, advertising powerhouse Federated Media has just announced a new partnership with WordPress.com, opening the floodgates to 25 million WordPress.com hosted blogs.

The partnership follows Federated Media’s method of operation, focusing on connecting brands with engaged audiences in order to become involved with topics about which discussions are happening. The methods by which things will work are along the same lines, including:

Content curation – Brands will be able to pull in curation from WordPress.com’s 25 million hosted sites

Sponsored posts – WordPress.com bloggers will have the chance to write posts concerning a subject, giving advertisers a more seamless integration with blog topics

Conversation targeting – Keywords might be great for some topics, but conversations are king. By allowing brands to focus advertising at an entire conversation and its context, Federated Media is putting massive power into the hands of the brands and the publishers alike.

The release from Federated Media specifically says “including” these three points, which means that there is going to be a variety of ways in which WordPress.com bloggers and brands can choose to connect to one another.

Previously, only high-traffic blogs (those with 25,000 or more monthly pageviews) were able to advertise, and only via Skimlinks or AdSense. The addition of Federated Media to this arsenal means more revenue opportunities for WordPress.com, its content creators and brands.

The big news here? As if the partnership weren’t huge enough, Federated Media now has the scale to take on Yahoo, Aol and Google properties. The combination, between Federated Media, Lijit and WordPress.com sites now reaches 247+ million unique visitors each month.

Disclosure: Federated Media powers some of the advertising on The Next Web.

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