Film distributor Miramax considering partnership with Google TV and YouTube

Film distributor Miramax considering partnership with Google TV and YouTube

Film distributor Miramax is keen to get a content partnership going with Google’s YouTube and Google TV, as well as its Android Market movie store, the firm’s CEO has revealed.

Speaking to New Media Age, Mike Lang said “We’ve had lots of conversations with Google, not only about its TV platform but also YouTube and its Android platform… It would be an incredible partner. It would bring significant scale and a great ad platform, and we like the idea of providing more free, ad-supported content on digital platforms.”

Miramax’s catalog includes classics like Pulp Fiction, The English Patient and My Left Foot along with a brace of cult hits like Amelie and Chocolat.

The idea of a Miramax/Google partnership has reared its head in the past. The LA Times reported on discussions between the two companies in November last year. With Google reportedly investing heavily in new and original content for YouTube and bidding to acquire Hulu, a deal with Miramax would help boost Google’s media ambitions further.

Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt recently revealed plans to expand Google TV to Europe early next year, and we’ve heard whisperings of a possible Google TV relaunch in the States on the way. Bolstering its offering with as much quality content as possible is a wise move for Google, given how muted the response to the original Google TV offering was.

Miramax recently announced a Facebook app which offers twenty of its title for rent.

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