The evolution of long-distance relationships in social media [Infographic]

The evolution of long-distance relationships in social media [Infographic]

Communication has come quite a long way. From being completely unable to keep in touch while apart, to now being able to live-stream video while chatting via several different mediums, the evolution of peer-to-peer interaction over long distances has reached a number of milestones.

In a recent info graphic from Get.Rounds, a social platform revolving around entertainment, the evolution of the long-distance relationship between lovers and couples has been listed. Some highlights:

  • The homing pigeon was one of the first ways lovers were able to communicate over long distances, using the birds to transmit small messages to one another.
  • Couples moved onto photo-sharing around 1814, possibly sending one another NSFW images to keep each other going while separated.
  • The telephone, invented in 1914, was a revolutionary leap not just for couples, but for anyone needing to communicate quickly abroad.
  • Communicating slowly became more and more technology-centric and social with inventions like cellphones with text messaging, chat programs like AIM, and mobile phones now with cameras on them.
  • Bam! Welcome to the current world where every invention is combined into a live-streaming, real-time, chatting, web-camera viewing, and social centric economy.
When it comes to long distance relationships, do you feel that social media has been a positive change? Sound off in the comments. And to view the full size of the info graphic, click the image down below.

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