Buy event tickets directly from an image, with Thinglink and Eventbrite

Buy event tickets directly from an image, with Thinglink and Eventbrite

ThingLink, the Finland and US-based startup that allows images to be embedded with rich media such as audio and video, has announced a partnership with Eventbrite which will see images on Web pages become able to sell you event tickets directly.

Using ThingLink’s Rich Media Tags platform, launched in June, anyone promoting an event using Eventbrite will be able to sell tickets directly from an image which can be embedded on a website.

So, for example, a band could publish a poster promoting a gig on its website, with a ‘hotspot’ on the image that, when clicked, opens up the booking form right there and then. That same poster could be embedded by fans wherever they like around the Web, complete with the ticket selling platform built in. This helps to spread the word about the event further, with the ticket selling mechanism built right in to the image.

ThingLink already allows users to embed contact from the likes of YouTube, Spotify, Wikipedia, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and SoundCloud into images, and this latest partnership helps make the startup’s product an enticing proposition for anyone wanting to easily create interactive images that help convey a message all the more effectively.

To try out the new Eventbrite integration, you can sign up for a ThingLink account here.

Although it doesn’t include an Eventbrite link, here’s how band Simple Plan has used ThingLink to enhance an image as part of a promotional campaign. Hover your mouse pointer over the image to see it in action.

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