Another Facebook movie could be on the way

Another Facebook movie could be on the way

Facebook could be set to feature prominently in another movie as it has emerged that the screen rights to a new novel based around the social network have been sold to Warner Bros.

The Future of Us is a novel by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler which will be published in November this year. It tells the story of two young people in 1996 who log on to their AOL accounts, only – improbably – to see the Facebook accounts of their 2011 selves appear.

It doesn’t sound like it will have quite the bite of The Social Network, but whether or not the book and film’s plot grabs you, the news that Facebook could again be featuring prominently on the big screen shows the social and cultural impact it’s made in a relatively short space of time.

Of course, just because the film rights to the book have been sold doesn’t necessarily mean that it will ever go into production. Now, when’s the Myspace story being brought to the big screen?

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