Would you turn your house into a billboard to live mortgage free?

Would you turn your house into a billboard to live mortgage free?

Let me repeat the question: Would you turn your house into a billboard to live mortgage free?

Yes? You are in luck! Because one advertising company named Adzookie is doing just that: turning homes into billboards and helping homeowners pay their mortgage. Adzookie was first a free, mobile advertising company, but they’ve decided to take a bit of a pivot So far 223 homeowners have contacted them as well as 12 businesses, 7 restaurants and 1 church.

“Adzookie.com is a free mobile advertising company. We help local businesses reach new customers by placing free advertisements where ads get noticed the most, on smart phones,” says Romeo Mendoza, Adzookie’s CEO. “Promoting our business in a way that’s outrageous and fun just make sense.”

Mendoza says he was inspired while driving his daughter home from school.

“I saw signs outside homes saying ‘bank-owned’ and suddenly I felt for the families I imagined lived there,” said Mendoza. “I was trying really hard to think of ways to help …then it hit me. Our company buys advertising all the time. We could buy ad space on their house and pay them for it.”

To qualify, you must own your home; no renters or leasers allowed. Adzookie must be able to paint the entire outside of the house, minus the roof, the windows and any awnings. Having your house painted takes about 3-5 days. In exchange, Adzookie will pay the mortgage every month for as long as the house is painted, up to one year.

Interested homeowners apply here and please, please send us pictures. All hilarity aside, Mendoza is serious about this house painting business. And in the end, isn’t the whole promotion a great way for him to get the Adzookie name out there?

Ah, the crazy world of advertising. Interested in outdoor advertising? Don’t miss our recent interview with NYC’s disruptive darling, AdStruc.

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