Flavorpill celebrates its 10th year with a custom, “thinking” newsletter

Flavorpill celebrates its 10th year with a custom, “thinking” newsletter

This week Flavorpill, a New York City born cultural media outlet, celebrates its 10th birthday by launching a revolutionary email newsletter, that “thinks.” The newsletter, in fact, learns and changes week to week based on your click throughs.

“As Flavorpill turns 10 years old, we’re evolving our offering to become smarter and more personalized. We’ve come a long way from our beginnings as a text-only email list in NYC, and we now publish content from editors in eight cities around the country and in London, as well as event listings entered by hundreds of the top venues in all our markets — feeding both our Flavorwire blog and our Flavorpill cultural guide. The new, personalized mailer now offers every one of our more than one million monthly readers a fully customized publication, and represents a significant step in Flavorpill’s evolution towards a dynamic, multi-channel arts and culture guide” — Mark Mangan, Flavorpill, Co -Founder

Each new newsletter is like a custom email for subscribers. Using technology developed by Sailthru, a startup powering email for the likes of the HuffPo and AOL, the new mailer not only lets users set their personalization preferences but also “gets smarter” the more it’s used, learning from users’ click through habits. In effect, future newsletters will become more personalized to users’ preferences.

“Flavorpill is reshaping the face of email. They are pushing their communication and our technology far beyond that of anything we’ve seen to date. They stand to revolutionize the ways brands and users communicate, creating a true one-to-one conversation.”– Neil Capel, Sailthru, CEO

The new Flavorpill mailer will feature two main editorial picks – one feature article and one event listing. It will also include multiple features and event picks recommended for every reader individually; the ability to update personal settings, including events from any of the Flavorpill cities, which includes NYC, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, London, with Dallas and Seattle coming soon; categories and subcategories of interest, and frequency down to the day. In short, the newsletter is a smarter, more personalized way to make sure you’re never bored again.

Check out our review of the Flavorpill iPhone app here.

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