Starting today, TEDTalks are now available on Hulu

Starting today, TEDTalks are now available on Hulu

This past week I had the immense pleasure of interviewing June Cohen, TED’s VP of Media, who co-produces the TED conference taking place this week with TED’s Chris Anderson. We discussed the future of TED, and its strategic move to partner with web TV platforms. Cohen told us last week that the nonprofit, who already has a Boxee app, had also partnered with Hulu so that TED Talks could be viewed on its online platform.

Starting today, Hulu announced that TEDTalks will now be a part of its offerings.

There are times in business when you get to do things that that just seem right. I’m lucky that I have a job where this is fairly common. And today is definitely one of those times. Andy Forssell SVP, Content & Distribution

Hulu’s partnership with TED means that millions of Hulu users will be able to access 50 of the most popular TEDTalks from the last few years. More are on their way, including select new talks from the 2011 TED Conference that’s happening this week in Long Beach, California.

While TED content will be available to anyone on Hulu, those with Hulu Plus will be able to watch TEDTalks on demand, in HD when available, on their Internet-connected TV, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players and on their mobile devices.

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