One step closer: Spotify reportedly signs Sony to US agreement

One step closer: Spotify reportedly signs Sony to US agreement

Oh how our fingers will be cramped. Spotify, the music streaming service that any good music geek in the US lusts over, might be one step closer to coming to our shores. According to MediaMemo, Spotify is said to have signed Sony into a digital distribution deal very similar to what is set up in Europe.

The agreement, of course, doesn’t mean that Spotify will ever launch in the US, but it does set things further into motion than we’ve seen in the past. As MediaMemo notes, however, Vivendi Universal music is still one of the remaining giants that must fall. The collection under Universal’s care is massive, and a launch into the US without it would mean near-certain failure for the service.

The deal with Sony does bring new life to our music-loving existence, though. As we reported back in December, Spotify was said to be on track for a US launch, but no date had been set and no major labels had bitten on Spotify’s offer. With upstart services such as MOG, the field appears to be narrowing and Spotify risks being squeezed out of its position as a leading choice for streaming music to your computer or handheld.

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