launches a stellar new site launches a stellar new site

We like to nerd out here at The Next Web, which often means keeping up with black holes, interstellar space travel, extraterrestrial life and NASA shuttle launches. Which is why I’m excited that one of my favorite sites,, just got a shiny new update.

The site’s re-design includes better graphics and the addition of a suite of social sharing and community tools. Their social media campaign integrates their Twitter and Facebook page and encourages users to play space trivia games, engage with astronauts and keep up with space events. Their new site boasted a total of 19 million monthly page views in December. For a science site, they’re pretty social media savvy, letting users log-in with Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, MySpace, AOL, MSN Messenger, Google, OpenID and others.

“It’s not just the trekkies anymore who care about outer space,” said Jerry Ropelato CEO of and its parent company TechMediaNetwork. “Whether water discovered on the moon, an eclipse, NASA and shuttle expeditions, Space has become part of our regular news consumption and we’re complementing our digital news content to appeal to this growing audience of space enthusiasts,” Ropelato continued.

Among’s advertisers are AT&T, Verizon, American Express, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Buick and Sprint, joined by new advertisers ABC Television’s “V” and Toyota.

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