CNNMoney Tech Launches Its Tumblr Today

CNNMoney Tech Launches Its Tumblr Today

Yet another news organization joins the rounds at Tumblr, launching its first Tumblr blog today. CNNMoney Tech will use the Tumblog to share story outtakes, amusing tidbits and tech buzz from the newsroom.

It’s not a bad idea for news sites to join Tumblr as it has the potential to add a lighter layer of context to their day-to-day coverage in a viral, highly visual environment. CNNMoney Tech stocked its blog with over 270 funny, snarky, insightful posts before today’s launch. Tumblog contributors include: Paul R. La Monica, CNNMoney Assistant Managing Editor; Stacy Cowley, CNNMoney Tech Editor; David Goldman CNNMoney Staff Writer; Julianne Pepitone, CNNMoney Staff Reporter; and Laurie Segall, CNNMoney Staff Reporter.

CNNMoney’s tech-news coverage team says they’ve been stealthily building their Tumblog since September. Check it out here.

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