10 Start-Ups You’ve Definitely Never Heard Of

10 Start-Ups You’ve Definitely Never Heard Of

It’s no secret that it’s easier than ever to launch a new service or product, especially if it’s web-based. When deciding on a URL, why not bolster the international economy by purchasing a .io (British Indian Ocean), a .to (Tonga), or a .ly (Libya)? For some inspiration — here are 10 startups you’ve definitely never heard of …as they don’t yet exist.

1. Surprise.ly > Aggregates pictures and videos of people surprising the crap out of their friends or pets. Enjoy.

2. Shred.ly > Tired of shredding your own documents? Suffer no longer… with Shred.ly you can upload any document to a secure server, and it will be printed, shredded, and mailed back to you!

3. Stupid.ly > All the answers to those easy questions you we’re too embarrassed to go on record looking up elsewhere — plus a random self-esteem boosting line of encouragement to balance out the hit you took from having to ask in the first place.

4. Unlike.ly > Who needs a dislike button? With unlike.ly, you’ll be able to aggregate what you DON’T like on Facebook based on everything you DON’T already like.

5. Launch.ly > The premier incubator for incubators, focused exclusively on incubating incubation methods.

6. Fake.ly > A fake check-in application to throw off your Geo-stalkers (or maintain your social status).

7. Junk.ly > A Firefox plug-in to filter out the 80% of Chatroulette you don’t want to see. Spin-off site aggregating the aforementioned filtered content expected in 2011.

8. Pupp.io > Nothing more than pictures of freakin’ puppies. What else do you want?

9. Bieber.ly > Activates your web cam upon launch, and using facial recognition it will replace your hair with something more Justin Bieber-esque while you sing.

10. Fai.ly > The secondary market for auctioning off failed .ly startups

Did we miss one? Post your best ideas below, and one of them just might come to life… serious.ly.

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