Video: Kindle for Windows Phone 7 demo, has unique functions

Video: Kindle for Windows Phone 7 demo, has unique functions

Saying that the Kindle App, “will be the first major eBook application available for Windows Phone 7,” Amazon announced the new app during Microsoft’s Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC). Of course, Amazon and Microsoft are both located in Seattle, and with Microsoft seemingly not in the eBook race itself, turning to Kindle as its primary reading software makes a lot of sense.

The app will be “available later this year” and will feature new functionality according to a press release:

…personalized book recommendations on your Kindle app home screen and the ability to send a book suggestion to a friend from any book in your library without leaving the app.

The WP7 app also features:

  • customized reading
  • choose from five different font sizes and three background colors
  • ability to read in portrait or landscape mode
  • turn pages by tapping on either side of the screen or flicking
  • receive personalized recommendations on the home screen of your app

We took a video at PDC of the Kindle app in action, take a look:

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