Apple set to announce new subscription service for newspapers

Apple set to announce new subscription service for newspapers

Newspapers are desperate the rub up against the world of Apple in hopes that some of the literal gold that coats the company will stick to themselves. That in mind, newspapers want to begin selling their wares on every iPad that they can.

Apple agrees with the idea, but is running the show in their own way. According to an in depth report, Apple has built a platform that will allow for newspapers to charge a recurring fee for their paper and collect reader information to be sent to advertisers.

Information on who is reading is crucial for any publication looking to find the best advertising partners at the highest rates.

Apple and the newspapers had differing visions on how Apple should be compensated for providing the platform and delivery system to consumers. Apple is expected to take a cut of both subscriptions fees and advertising dollars, while the publications wanted to pay Apple a flat rate.

Apple, controller of their own platform, seems to have wrung out the terms that they wanted.

As the iPad continues to sell at brisk rates around the world, the potential for newspapers to claw out a real recurring revenue roost grows. Apple is more than happy to oblige that potential, for a price.

More as it comes.

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