Israeli hackers drag Iran into cyber-attacks with takedown

Israeli hackers drag Iran into cyber-attacks with takedown

Up until now Iran’s name has been bandied around in the midst of the escalating cyber attacks between Israeli and Arab hackers, with no real involvement. Today several Iranian websites were targeted and taken down by Israeli hackers.

The IDF Team, which claimed responsibility for bringing down the websites of the Saudi Arabian and UAE stock exchange, have now gone after several Iranian websites.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the website of Press TV, Iran’s English language governmental mouthpiece, was defaced, and at the time of writing, has become completely inaccessible.

It certainly hasn’t been a good week for Press TV, with the television branch of the media outlet losing its UK license.  Press TV’s website, along with several other governmental Iranian sites, were hacked, and their content replaced with an image of the Israeli flag.

In addition to hacking the Iranian website servers, the IDF Team also launched successful DDOS attacks on the sites.

The hack comes in response to yesterdays attacks on the websites of the Sheba Medical Center and Assouta Hospital, while a group going by the name Anonymous Palestine claimed responsibility for hacking Israeli daily Haaretz’s Hebrew site.

The attacks have continued to escalate, and show no sign of slowing down, beginning with the January 3rd attack by Saudi Arabian based hacker, 0xOmar, in which he published the personal information of thousands of Israeli credit card holders.

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