Hackers launch a DDOS attack on the website of one of Israel’s oldest hospitals

Hackers launch a DDOS attack on the website of one of Israel’s oldest hospitals

According to Monsters and Critics, despite pro-Israeli hacker Hannibal’s call for a ceasefire of sorts on January 21, yet another cyberattack has been launched on an Israeli website.

This time, hackers took down the website of Israel’s largest hospital, Sheba Medical Center, but it’s unclear which group is responsible for the attack.

The hacker who dealt the first blow, so to speak, 0xOmar has fallen silent on his Pastebin account, claiming that the site had been deleting his posts, while over a week ago, it was reported that he had been publishing at least 200 credit card numbers per day.

With this latest attack, a DDOS attack launched in the middle of the night took the site down for hours, and at the time of writing, was still unavailable, as can be seen by the screenshot from Down For Everyone.

While Monsters and Critics report that technicians are trying to identify the source of the attacks, no one has publicly claimed responsibility, which veers away from the constant posturing we’ve seen from hackers on both sides in the past month.

In fact, when 0xOmar, joined by a team of hackers that go by the name Nightmare, took down the websites of the Israeli airline El Al and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, they not only claimed responsibility, but had also warned of the attack first. There appear to be no similar reports this time around, so it’s possible that yet another hacker may have become involved in the ongoing exchange of cyber blows, which began on January 3rd.

On January 19, the IDF Team, a group of Israeli hackers who claimed responsibility for attacks on the websites of the UAE and Saudi Stock Exchange also launched DDOS attacks on the sites of the Arab Bank of Palestine and the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates.

It’s becoming all too easy to lose track of the many attacks taking place on either side, and if you want to catch up with the story, blow by blow, since it began, be sure to check out our timeline of events up until January 18.

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