Hackers target Israeli stock exchange and airline websites

Hackers target Israeli stock exchange and airline websites

The websites of both the Israeli airline, El Al, and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange were taken down hours after a threat from what is reported to be a Saudi hacker. The ongoing cyber clashes between hackers from Israel and Saudi Arabia have revealed the credit card details of thousands of people, whether by Saudi Hacker, OxOmar or Israeli hacker OxOmer.

While the sites were taken down, the hack didn’t affect the actual business – neither flights or trading were interrupted due to the hack.

Visiting the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) site right now, you’ll be met with the message; “Please try again later. The site is too busy right now”, so it is likely the site is continuing to suffer a DDOS attack, whereas access to El Al seems to have been restored.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Saudi hacker OxOmar contacted them directly, warning of an impending attack. He added that he had joined forces with a hacking team known as “Nightmare”, which Ynet identifies as pro-Palestinian.

El Al’s statement about the attack referred specifically to OxOmar, saying that “a cyber war has been waged against the State of Israel for two weeks. El Al is closely monitoring the activities of the Saudi hacker”, and that they were working on securing the site.

Ynet adds that a pro-Israel hacker, referring to himself as Hannibal, is targeting Arab Facebook accounts, and has already released the log-in details of 20,000 users. A post on Pastebin reads:

I have 30 Million Emails&Passwords of Arabs.

( Every day i will post 2000-100,000 Depends on my mood )

Enjoy it And Share

He goes on to make the claim:

In addition, I have 10 million bank accounts of the countries of Iran and Saudi Arab. If Iran continues to threaten Israel and already this week I will publish the private bank accounts and thus make them billions of dollars in damages estimated.

The attacks from either side show no sign of slowing down, and Hamas has actively encouraged hackers to target Israel, describing their work as another means of resistance. Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister has referred to the attacks as acts of terrorism, adding that any attacks on Israel’s cyberspace are considered a declaration of war.

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