Syrian blogger charged with weakening national sentiment

Syrian blogger charged with weakening national sentiment

We recently reported on the arrest of Syrian blogger Razan Ghazzawi, a Syrian blogger and activist who works for the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM).

While travelling to Jordan to attend a conference on freedom of press, Razan Ghazzawi was arrested by Syrian authorities. According to the Daily Star Lebanon, just one week later, the blogger has already been tried and charged with three crimes.

The Facebook page calling for her release has gained 1,500 followers in the past week, while Twitter users continue to post updates using the hashtag, #FreeRazan.

Ghazzawi is not the first blogger to have been detained by Syrian authorities. Blogger and developer Anas Maarawi was held for over 2 months and later released, but is still facing trial, charged with insulting the Syrian president.

Ghazzawi on the other hand has been charged with “establishing an organization that aims to change the social and economical entity of the state,” “weakening the national sentiment, and trying to ignite sectarian strife” and “weakening national sentiment.” Each of these charges carry a penalty of three to 15 years in prison.

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