One Startup Weekend condensed into 7 minutes [Video]

One Startup Weekend condensed into 7 minutes [Video]

We were lucky to attend Startup Weekend Alexandria last month, and get a firsthand sense of the excitement, enthusiasm and drive that young entrepreneurs bring with them to these events.

Thanks to a video put together by USAID, one of the main sponsors of the event,  you can also get a sense of just how electric the mood at Startup Weekend Alexandria was.

The three day event, packed with pitches, brainstorming, mentoring and finally the selection of the winners, has been condensed into under 10 minutes and you can get a perfect sense of what goes on at a Startup Weekend.

What’s striking about the video, especially for anyone who has attended a similar event anywhere else in the world, is that it could be taking place anywhere in the world. The universality of startup weekend, of the entrepreneurial world and of what drives the people involved shines through in the video.

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