Egyptian activist to be charged for a tweet

Egyptian activist to be charged for a tweet

After being summoned today by the Egyptian Military Prosecution, Asmaa Mahfouz , a former April 6 member and online activist, has been released on 20,000EGP bail (over $3,000). She was summoned for a statement posted on both Twitter and Facebook in Arabic, in which Mahfouz wrote, “If the judiciary doesn’t grant us our rights, don’t be angry if militant groups carry out a series of assassinations since there is neither law nor justice.”

As a result of her posts, along with comments made in telephone interviews about recent clashes in Cairo on July 23, which left 300 protesters wounded and one dead, Mahfouz is reportedly being charged with inciting violence, spreading false news, disturbing public peace, and defaming the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF). Her lawyer Ali Atef told Egyptian newspaper, Daily News Egypt “setting such a high bail means they believe she is guilty.”

While activists rallied on Twitter to raise money for her bail, an anonymous businessman is reported to have donated the money.

Mahfouz is best known to the world for the video she posted on YouTube in January, calling for Egyptians to take to the street on January 25th, to protest against Hosny Mubarak’s regime.

This is not the first time someone has been summoned by the military prosecutor, for their statements. Mahfouz is preceded by bloggers and journalists who have been called in for questioning for public statements made about the military. The notable difference, this time around, is that charges have been brought against her, pending further investigations.

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