Syrian hackers retaliate, taking down Anonymous’ social network AnonPlus

Syrian hackers retaliate, taking down Anonymous’ social network AnonPlus

After Anonymous hacked the Syrian Ministry of Defense’s website, leaving a message of support for the Syrian people, a few hours later, Syrian hackers are said to have retaliated, taking down Anonymous’ social network, AnonPlus.

Anonymous created the site after Google+ suspended their account, and according to Computer World, the University of Toronto’s Monk School of Global Affairs is crediting the pro-regime Syrian Electronic Army with leaving the gruesome message where the site used to be.

The message, left in Arabic and English, reads:

“In response to your hacking to the website of the Syrian Ministry of Defence, the Syrian people have decided to purify the internet of your pathetic website. Your website has been hacked, and here we leave you these photos showing the scale of terrorism committed by Muslim Brotherhood Organization, whose members have been killing Syrian citizens – civilian and military. You are defending this terrorits [sic] organization and this is our response. here is photos of the Syrian Army Martyrs”

The site is showcasing some horrific photos. Click through at your own risk.

The message left on the Syrian Ministry of Defense website was quick to disappear when the entire site went offline, and remains unavailable until now.

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