MBC Ventures on the search for Egyptian tech entrepreneurs

MBC Ventures on the search for Egyptian tech entrepreneurs

MBC Ventures, an incubator fund set up by media company MBC Group, is Cairo-bound next week to meet with young Egyptian entrepreneurs looking for mentorships and investments.

This is not the first time the Dubai-based fund has traveled around the Middle East in search of the best products and businesses. Last year, it visited Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan while this year, they have Egypt on their horizons.

Projects that MBC is interested in hearing about include initiatives on the Web; new and innovative content for digital platforms; gaming; mobile apps, and animation, all of which address the Middle East and North African markets. MBC’s involvement will include both cash investments, as well as a mentorship which will help propel the businesses into becoming operational and profitable ventures.

MBC is interested in both established startups with a track record and business plan, as well as a basic project idea, with or without a business plan.

If you’re an Egyptian entrepreneur on the lookout for some help, MBC Ventures will be in Cairo on Tuesday August 9th from noon to 5pm at the following address:

6 Medan Dr. Suleiman Street, off of Mosadek, Doqqi.
4th floor, MBC Office

Pitching your e-commerce, gaming, mobile, content, or service concept could get you on a shortlist of startups which MBC Ventures will be in talks with this coming month.

For more information please email [email protected].

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