‘Internet in a Suitcase’ is no match for Iranian intelligence

‘Internet in a Suitcase’ is no match for Iranian intelligence

The US has been hard at work developing what has been dubbed, Internet in a Suitcase, a system that in theory, would enable citizens to get online regardless of what their governments might have to say about that.

The idea is to sneak the components into the country disguised as harmless hardware, after which it can be assembled and provide wireless access to its users.

The need for this technology has become more than apparent as repressive governments repeatedly attempt to deprive their citizens of Internet access, as was seen both in Syria, Libya and Egypt.

But according to the Iranian government, it’s all been for nothing.

The Iranian Fars News Agency reported that Intelligence Minister Heidar Mosleh was quick to dismiss the threat, saying it was nothing in the face of their own Internet prowess.

He is quoted as saying, “We had predicted these (US devised) actions, for example the internet in suitcase, and devised proper ways to combat them.”

In the US, Internet in a Suitcase has been described as an effort to help pro-democracy protesters. In Iran, it has been described as a tool for dissidents to connect with the CIA, developed particularly with the Iran in mind.

Iran’s intelligence is, however, keeping very quiet on the actual how-to of it all. No details were revealed of just how they plan to take down the technology that is still in development, saying only that Iran has a “good command of the cyber space.”

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