Kuwaiti citizens to be tried for tweets

Kuwaiti citizens to be tried for tweets

Tweeting in Kuwait is becoming quite the hazard. We reported earlier that Nasser Abul was arrested for criticizing the Bahraini and Saudi Arabian royal families.

Abul is now joined by yet another Kuwaiti citizen, both of whom will be put on trial. Lawrence al-Rashidi was also recently arrested, but for comments made about Kuwait’s own ruling family.

According to Reuters, both men are to be detained for the next two weeks, until their hearings are scheduled, on charges of harming the Gulf state’s interests and defaming the Kuwaiti emir.

Amnesty International has called for the release of Abul in a statement which includes information on an additional lawsuit he faces. The Bahraini ruling family is said to be suing Abul for slander and defamatory remarks.

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