Internet cut off across Syria amid widespread protests

Internet cut off across Syria amid widespread protests

In a move that’s becoming commonplace in the Middle East, the government in Syria has disconnected the Internet as protests heat up across the country.

Al Jazeera’s liveblog reports confirmation from a Syrian government-sponsored news site that 3G, DSL, Dial-up Internet connections across the country have been cut off. The news network has received witness reports of a lack of connection from cities including Damascus, Latakia, Homs and Hassake.

Google’s Transparency Report tool tallies with the report, showing that traffic has flatlined over the past few hours, although government disruption appears to have caused connections to be unstable for several days.

Internet disconnections have been a tactic used by governments in Egypt and Libya this year as a wave of public discontent has seen revolutions take place to varying degrees of success. Syria is in the midst of anti-government uprisings which have been ongoing since January, and public tempers have flared this week after the seven children were killed during one protest.

While a lack of connection severely impedes the ability for protesters to communicate with each other, it is possible to publish content online with just a normal mobile phoneline, as some of the tips in our Basic Mobile Apps Arsenal for Activists show.

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