Most Viewed Arabic Video on YouTube Displays Egyptian Oppression

Most Viewed Arabic Video on YouTube Displays Egyptian Oppression

YouTube Shot of EgyptianWith video consumption on the rise in the Middle East and the recent launch of an Arabic interface on YouTube we’ve been trying to figure out what kind of Arabic videos the region most views. It’s not entertainment nor religion, it’s compassion.

With more than 28 million views, the video describes the struggle of blogger and journalist Abdul Munim Mahmoud accompanied by an emotional Arabic song as the soundtrack which the chorus and video repeat over and over: “He was one of the people” describing the every day struggle of Egyptian people in heartbreaking images.

The video was uploaded by a user calling himself IkhwanBoy, hinting his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood (which Abdul Munim is also a member of), a major Egyptian opposition organization often portrayed as religious hardliners in a mostly secular country.

We’ll be dedicating a post to the top 10 Most Viewed Arabic videos on YouTube shortly, but until then, we’ll let you get to know Abdul Munim Mahmoud. [Video content in Arabic]

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