A Virtual “March of Millions” in Solidarity with Egyptian Protesters

Real Egyptian Protester

Real Egyptian ProtesterIn a matter of two hours, the ‘Attending’ status of the online event went from nearly 86 thousand to around 110 thousand Facebook members.

The event page bares the description: “As one million march on the streets of Egypt, our goal is to reach one million voices in support of their march. Reply “Attending” if you are virtually marching with Egypt.”

Not withholding their names, the organizers of the ‘Virtual “March of Millions” in Solidarity with Egyptian Protestors’ have managed to create a viral online movement that people are joining from all around the world.

One Egyptian from Las Vegas posted: “everyone please PLEASE share this with your friends! The least we can do outside of Egypt is remain in solidarity with them and let them know that the rest of the world most certainly has not forgotten about them! Their struggle is teaching the world so much about not sitting back while your rights are stripped from you, and that’s a lesson well learned!”

Combining multiple Facebook pages with YouTube’s CitizenTube, one can get a realistic perspective of whats happening on the ground in Egypt.

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