Saudia Arabia Gets First Group Buying Service from

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, the largest market in the Middle East, got it’s first group buying website this week with the launch of which will be serving daily deals to buyers in Riyadh and Jeddah.

The group discount/buy model (aka Falafel Startups) offers a discount from a local vendor allowing you to sign up for the purchase if you’re interested.

If enough people show interest, the offer goes live and consumers can buy the coupon until the deadline is reached or it sells out.

With this latest addition, the number of Daily Deals websites in the regions goes up to 15 (according to our Middle East Group Buy Watch) unevenly covering Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt with the rest of the region’s markets expected to follow soon.

We contacted the people at Saudi Arabia based YallaBuyIt to ask them what they think will happen when the rest of the region’s heavy hitters enter the Saudi market, Ali Abdulrazak Mohammad YallahBuyIt’s Business Consultant replied “We are the first website going to provide such a collective buying solution in Saudi Arabia, and we know very well what our people need in Saudi Arabia, so simply we are going to provide our people what they need”.

Which puts the relatively bigger regional daily deals websites like GoNabIt and Cobone on the spot. Although the Saudi market can definitely take more than one group buying website, the question is how fast can they set up shop before the party simply gets too crowded.

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