Google To Invest Millions in Palestinian Tech Industry

Google To Invest Millions in Palestinian Tech Industry

Earlier this month, Google sent a team to the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank to meet with local entrepreneurs and techies. As reported by a local tech blog, Google’s team has taken multiple trips to Palestine for meetings and to host events and workshops. Yesterday, December 17 2010, Gisel Hiscock, Google’s Director of New Business Development for Europe Middle East and Africa, confirmed this investment with the following update on her Facebook profile.

Google’s interest in the area coupled with such a large investment is an incredible boost to an area of the world that is notably stricken with violence and tragedy. Approximately 2.4 million Palestinians live in the West Bank and another 1.4 million live in the Gaza Strip.

The news follows Google’s recent $10 million agreement with Jordan that includes a 2.5 million dollar investment into the Kingdom’s local tech sector. In Jordan, Google will provide intensive training to local techies in online marketing and how to make their web content more user-friendly.

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