Open Shop in Beirut & Bahrain, Launch Dubai Premium Service

Bahrain the region’s second group buying service began offering deals to Beirut residents in addition to a new Premium service for the high-end service market in Dubai appropriately dubbed Dubai Premium.

The Dubai Premium service is especially interesting as it provides discounts on high-end services such as Spa treatment and other pampering related services to Dubai residents. Services like these are usually presented by dedicated providers such US-based similar in concept to the Middle Easts, sister company to Cobone which are both owned by Jabbar Internet Group.

One thing we found odd was the fact it was Cobone that started providing the discounts instead of, the more appropriate high-end private shopping club that launched earlier this year.

With this latest expansion now provides its services to 5 cities in 3 countries them being the UAE, Bahrain, and Lebanon with others soon expected to get coverage during Q1 of 2011.

The race for the region’s Groupon title intensifies with this latest addition to the Cobone city list as its rival GoNabIt continue to show solid growth throughout the region as well.

The real question is who’s going to break the region’s two golden geese: KSA & Egypt? Both being of significant size, whoever get’s their hands on successful deals in those two cities, will definitely surface as the region’s preferred online group buying website.

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