Google Celebrates Lebananese Independance Day

Google Celebrates Lebananese Independance Day

Martyrs Square in BeirutIf you’re in Lebanon or have a tendency to use Google’s country page for Lebanon then you should have seen the new Google Doodle honoring the Lebanon’s independence back in 1943 from the French.

The doodle speaks for itself, where the team from Google Arabia have put together a doodle that almost identically mirrors the Lebanese flag with the cedar tree, red, white, and green.

Google’s letters are displayed in a delicious golden shade that probably represents the many ancient ruins the country bares to its visitors in a display of civilizations that goes back thousands of years.

Google's Lebanon Doodle

That or they had something even deeper in mind. No seriously, I’m sorry if I messed it up Doodle team.

Either way, we at The Next Web would like to send out a big celebration hug to our readers from Lebanon. The country that we at TNW ME owe our existence to it being where our own Fawzi Rahal -the founder of The Next Web Middle East- is originally from.

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