Weather HD Does it Right, This Time for the iPhone

Weather HD for the iPhone

Weather HD for the iPhoneThe world’s first iPad high definition weather forecast app has taken a leap to a broader market with a smaller screen surface: the iPhone & iPod touch. And they’ve nailed it to the wall.

In case you haven’t already bought it for your iPhone, Weather HD displays your city of choice’s weather forecast using high definition video instead of the usual dull cloud blocking sun icons. And to those of you who have bought it can install it immediately on your iPhone due to it’s universal nature.

Developed by Alexandria, Egypt based Vimov, Weather HD comes in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish but hasn’t yet been provided an Arabic interface.

When we first covered the iPad app on TNW ME we were a bit skeptical about the app developer’s plans on creating a version for the iPhone that with it’s small screen, but with the app’s gorgeous animations that blur the line between photo-realism and fantasy, in addition to optimization for iPhone 4’s Retina display they have come up with some serious iPhone eye candy.

If you’re still not willing to dish out $0.99 for it, check out this video and let us know if you’re still not convinced. Other wise you can find it on iTunes here.

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