Google Voice Not Reaching MENA Anytime Soon

Google Voice Not Reaching MENA Anytime Soon

This week has been a rollercoaster of fabricated news related to Google Voice hitting the MENA region, which was picked up by ‘almost’ every regional online blog and publication there is, we of course waited for the hype to die down to let you know: It’s not gonna happen.

Based on a more realistic piece on BusinessIntelligence Middle East yesterday, the search giant has denied any plans on launching a Middle Eastern flavor of their recently launched VoIP service called Google Voice currently only available in the US, read the full TNW coverage here.

It’s also safe to say this debunks all assumptions and rumors that spun-off the original MENA Google Voice service story, leading to a possible end to Gmail services in the region. Till this date most VoIP services are banned in the MENA region in countries like the UAE and Syria.

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