Arabic SSL: World’s First Non-Latin Based Flavor of SSL

Arabic SSL: World’s First Non-Latin Based Flavor of SSL

Arabic SSL is the solution for Arabic based International Domain NamesSecure Sockets Layer (SSL) was developed to help website owners create trust between themselves and clients while performing online transactions or passing sensitive information, now Arabic domain owners can have the same using Arabic SSL.

Due to the fact many Arabic websites rely on the English version of the SSL protocol, the majority of Arabic websites do not employ SSL to guard against intrusion, eavesdropping, phishing…etc, trust has yet to be the real consensus amongst Arabic website Internet users. Till now that is.

Khalid Fattal Chairman and CEO of the Multilingual Internet Names Consortium MINC  says his company has produced the very first Arabic SSL to help localise internet protection in Arab countries where new high-level domain names in non-Latin script are being introduced.

With the recent implementation of international non-Latin character based country-code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) such as .emirates and .egypt (in Arabic of course .مصر .امارات) the need for Arabic SSL has become a reality in which each website will be registered with the domain name registry governed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Costs for any of the seven versions of the new protocol vary from $16 for the email Arabic SSL to as high as $200 for Mowathan SGC, a 128/256 bit SSL “designed for securing leading websites” that uses server-gated cryptography stated Fattal.

Such needs will start to surface as the world begins to implement international domain names, and it is up to leading business minds to fulfill them. This also presents an opportunity for the other approved languages by ICANN we expect to see more of soon.

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