Google Forms Now Available in Arabic

Google Forms Now Available in Arabic

Cover of Arabic for DummiesGoogle’s famous web based data elicitation tool for the non-developer and developer alike has just made a major improvement for Arabic speaking users by speaking their lanuage.

Google Forms makes it easy and convenient to collect information. Within minutes you can create a questionnaire with questions of various types, such as multiple choice questions and free text questions. Then you can send it out to anyone with an email address.

The cool thing about it is that once you start typing you’re documents title in Arabic, it’ll switch the document’s direction to right-to-left to accommodate for Arabic writing. Of course that could be a bit confusing at first if you’re creating a multilingual document so beware.

Arabic Windows Forms

Due to their seamless integration with GMail, recipients can respond through email where responses are saved as a spreadsheet and can be viewed graphically.

Graphical Data Representation in Arabic Google Forms

With this iteration Google is adding more tools to it’s Arabic speaking Enterprises, allowing for more adoption in the region and beyond. Check it out now and start asking questions in Arabic for a change.

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