NDIF: Arabic Online CSS Cleaner

NDIF: Arabic Online CSS Cleaner

Cleaner RimEvery now and then I go back to my technical roots and feel like sharing, today is one of those days. A developer from Algeria has created a small but very helpful tool for CSS optimization called ndif (which is transliterated from the verb ‘clean’) built for Arabic designers and front end developers.

It’s a very straight forward tool that’s been built on the open source tool CSSTidy, all you do is insert your code into the field shown in the screenshot, then choose which options you wan to be optimized and you’re done. Tried it on an old CSS file I once created and it reduced it’s size by 25%.

ndif Screenshot

The site is powered by Google Ads and donations, so don’t forget to show your love if you love what you see.

Give the site a try here and let us know what you think.

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