iPhone 4 Most Popular Disappointment on Souq.com

iPhone 4 Most Popular Disappointment on Souq.com

After Apple’s colossal screw up and even worse apology appropriately described by Jacob Friedman 3 days ago, it appears one of Apple’s most flawed products to date, has made it to the Souq.com hall of fame.

Reported by ITP.net, in less than a week of the iPhone 4 being made available on the site, Souq.com reported record sales of more than AED 600,000 and has become Souq.com’s most popular product as well as the top searched term on the site.

Souq Screenshot

Taking into consideration the latest signal reception issues with the iPhone 4, this could turn into one of Souq.com shoppers biggest disappointments when knowing the devices which mostly originate from the US are sold on an “as is” basis which means they do not carry the official warranty of Apple according to CEO Ronaldo Mouchawar.

Yet as is custom on Souq, resellers offer their own warranties in case of malfunction or damage. We’ll have to see if the resellers live up to their word or force Souq to take matters into their own hands to prevent the loss of hundreds of paying customers.

All that’s for sure till now is that AED 600,000 and counting in flawed iPhone 4 devices have been sold, and someone is going to have to pay the price to fix them.

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