“Emirates Business 24/7” To Become Exclusively Online 24/7

“Emirates Business 24/7” To Become Exclusively Online 24/7

Emirates Business Goes Completely Digital because they don't provide the best content and they are doing miserably financiallyIn what appears to be the region’s first incident of its kind, ‘Emirates Business 24/7’, a newspaper owned and managed by DMI (Dubai Media Inc.) is turning completely digital following in the footsteps of giants like Christian Science Monitor, ok maybe not so much.

In an interesting move reflecting the apparent economic effect on paper-based publications, Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Board Chairman of Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), ordered the newspaper Emirates Business 24|7 go entirely online.

It’s not yet obvious whether the decision was based on popular demand or, as speculation puts it, to put to paper down quietly, reports from Dubai say the paper hasn’t been doing too good lately and layoffs preceded this announcement.

Either of which, we hope it provides a success story to encourage other entities to come more online, if not entirely, then at least to compliment their existing content with some interactive content (hint hint Al-Arabi Magazine).

Worthy of mentioning Emirates Business 24/7 rose from the ashes of Emirates Today back in 2007 also burned for it’s financial inefficiency.

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