Possible Political Attacks Against Networks in Arabia & Israel

Possible Political Attacks Against Networks in Arabia & Israel

Pirates HackersIn what appears to be a coordinated online attack by different entities targeting Hotmail Israel and Pizza Hut Egypt.

The Israeli Hotmail network has been hacked quite effectively, different from the standard DNS record changing technique utilized by attackers on high profile networks in the past.

Browsers of the network receive an “Account Suspended” message with this screen instead of the standard login page.

Hotmail Israel Hacked

Additionally the all American PizzaHut which some consider to be an icon of American interest in the region was also targeted by an obscure pair of hackers. Why they chose this particular Egyptian website is beyond us, but then again, if the hackers read this, Pizza Hut? I mean seriously?

PizzaHut Egypt Hacked

Due to the timing of these attacks and the nature of the targets we find it highly likely that these come after Israel’s latest massacre of the Flotilla ship which brought up quite a buzz amongst twitter circles also. Yet they appear they haven’t been performed by the same group.

Some other reports state other hacked networks include The Egyptian Survey Authority which would make the entire campaign even more ridiculous than it already is. Let us know if you hear of anything similar.

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