World Cup fever goes up with FilGoal South Africa, a Vodafone managed football portal

World Cup fever goes up with FilGoal South Africa, a Vodafone managed football portal

There’s no denying football is the most popular sport in the region. With 9 days until the World Cup tournament kicks
off in South Africa, the anticipation is at full blast. Today, Sarmady, the digital communications arm of Vodafone Egypt, have released their application – FilGoal South Africa for iPods, iPhones and iPads.

Sarmady are behind the popular sports website,, and with their new application, you will be able to follow up with the latest World Cup 2010 news, games, results, analysis and your favorite team’s standings.

The app has three sections: News, Games and Teams. In the news section constant updates from are pushed to the application as they happen. The games section has the complete tournament schedule of matches from the opening match, and until the final. Where as the teams section tracks down each participating team’s information, results, performance, and updates.

As the first Egyptian application of its kind to be released on a wide scale, FilGoal South Africa is a well-executed and much-needed idea; however, it does leave room for improvement. For one, the content cannot be personalized,  in order to follow a specific team’s news you have to go through all the other teams as well. Also, I can’t help but wish for a reminder with the games’ times- perhaps with Push notifications.

To sum it up, this application will definitely hold a spot on lots of iPhones, iPods and iPads in the Middle East.

Get FilGoal South Africa free through iTunes here.

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