Hungry? In Jordan? Tasree3 has got you covered!

Hungry? In Jordan? Tasree3 has got you covered!

Tasree3 (Arabic for Accelerate) is the most simple and straight-forward way to order food. Type in the name, and you’ll get the restaurant’s number, and if you’re lucky, a menu as well!

I love it. In fact, I wish I were living in Jordan. It’s so simple to use.

You can check out reviews, quickly rate a restaurant.. heck they’ve even got their own version of Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” in case you don’t know what you feel like.

The service also categorizes the menu, though in a bit of an untraditional way: Burgers, chicken, pizza, sandwiches, shawerma and other. To hell with Pasta.. it’s a carbs over-load anyway!

Founder Zaid Haddadin plans to start rolling out this service around the Arab world soon. Bring it on!

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