Google Launches Driving Directions for Arabia

Google Launches Driving Directions for Arabia

If you’ve been to Lebanon, Egypt or Jordan, then you know two things. There’s lots to look at. And there’s no way on earth to figure out how to get there!

Despair no further with the recent launch of Driving Directions in Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan by Google Arabia.

To try out the new service all you have to do is click here, and select the Get Directions button. Fill up points A and Points B. Choose the method of transportation, and off you go!

The service seems to be quite Accurate. And the fact that a global service can figure out how to get somewhere in Lebanon (or even Egypt and Jordan) is quite astounding! As natives, we barely know the way around ourselves!

It’s surprisingly detailed for Lebanon as far as I can notice an even takes the extra mile, pun intended, and suggests alternative routes. The route that’s drawn is also quite specific and only helps to show how rugged the mountains and roads are!

While the interface demonstrated is in Arabic, the service works just as good in English. You can search by entering city names in either language and.. voilà.. you’re good to go!

This is part of a series of improved services and initiatives by Google to take a leading role in the emerging market in the Middle East region.

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